Digital Nomad

Wiley, 29 dic 1997 - 256 páginas
Digital Nomad tells us how current and future technologicalpossibilities, combined with our natural urge to travel, will onceagain allow mankind to live, work, and exist on the move. This iswhat just some of the world s major company leaders and thinkersare saying about Digital Nomad.

"The book provides us with a deep insight into the lifestyle in thefuture" Kazuo Kashio, President, Casio Computer

"The book is fun to read and the technical content is sound andperceptive" John G. Linvill, Professor of Electronic Engineering atStanford University, California

"This book answers the question What is the value of informationfor human beings? " Hiroo Toyoda, Chairman (former President), NTTElectronics

"From a new perspective, based on fact, two famous authors describea dramatic lifestyle change: global nomadism" Jurgen Knorr,President, Siemens Semiconductors, 1983 96 ("for 13 years one ofthose Digital Nomads")

"Success in 21st century business will indeed depend on the abilityto master the nomadic environment. A guide to this emerging worldis therefore highly welcome" Pasquale Pistorio, President and CEO,SGS-Thomson Microelectronics

"At heart we are travellers and explorers, unnaturally constrainedto our place of work. This book s unique insight into moderntechnology shows how we can be freed to roam again" Doug Dunn OBE,Chairman and CEO, Phillips Sound and Vision

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Tsugio Makimoto is the author of Digital Nomad, published by Wiley.

David Manners is the author of Digital Nomad, published by Wiley.

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