Beyond Brexit?: How to Assess the UK’s Future

Policy Press, 28 feb. 2017 - 128 páginas
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As the United Kingdom negotiates Brexit, the policy implications and challenges that lie ahead are uncertain. Janice Morphet takes a long-term view in Beyond Brexit?, exploring the range of institutional and operational options that may be deployed by the United Kingdom, European Union, and other international institutions seeking to influence the negotiations and outcome. The book offers context for the current debate and a new framework with which to assess and discuss the forthcoming negotiations, taking into account the likely impact of future EU policies on the United Kingdom and analyzing the implications of policies foregone. Morphet also discusses what Brexit means for the United Kingdom's devolved nations and the island of Ireland, where the Good Friday agreement and border management are serious enough factors to give pause to the whole process.

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two What does the EU do for the UK and the UK for the EU?
three What are the options for future UKEU institutional relationships?
four What immediate actions does the UK need to take?
five Beyond Brexit what will stay the same?
six Beyond Brexit what will be lost?
seven Beyond Brexit what will be foregone?
eight How can we assess the future beyond Brexit?
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Janice Morphet is visiting professor at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. She is the author of several books, including How Europe Shapes British Public Policy, also published by Policy Press.

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