Azar y caos

Alianza, 1995 - 202 páginas

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Sobre el autor (1995)

David Ruelle, a French physicist, is one of the founders of Chaos Theory. In his book, Chance and Chaos, Ruelle explains this theory and how randomness, chance, and chaos play a role in physical systems. This work, one of his better known, is accessible for the common reader, not just the scientist. Other works by Reulle are Chaotic Evolution and Strange Attractors: The Statistical Analysis of Time Series for Deterministic Nonlinear Systems; Meteorological Fluid Dynamics: Asymptotic Modelling, Stability and Chaotic Atmospheric Motion; (for which Reulle was one of the editors); and Dynamical Zeta Functions for Piecewise Monotone Maps of the Interval. The latter is a more technical work of a mathematical nature.

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