Aquatic Therapy: Interventions and Applications

Idyll Arbor, 2004 - 285 páginas
The most comprehensive and practical book on aquatic therapy techniques. Over 240 illustrations are used to show the techniques and applications described in the book making it the most complete book available on aquatic therapy. Physical therapists and water exercise specialists will be able to apply aquatic therapy techniques to enhance their practice. In the book internationally acclaimed therapist and instructor, Luis Vargas, describes his methodology, the Diagnostic Aquatics Systems Integration (DASI), from assessment through treatment. The first section describes the procedures he uses to assess clients and determine the most appropriate aquatic therapy interventions for each person. The second section of the book shows techniques from six different traditions. Detailed illustrations show exactly how he is conducting the examination and performing the aquatic therapy techniques. The third section looks at clinical applications for clients with cardiopulmonary, neurological, and musculoskeletal impairments. He discusses specific cases, including how the assessment should be made and how to determine appropriate techniques to use in treatment.

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