An American Girl in Mexico: By Elizabeth Visere McGary ...

Dodd, Mead, 1904 - 159 páginas
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Página 72 - The light of the whole world dies when love is done" and to Wilder's suggestion (in The Bridge of San Luis Rey) that "love is the meaning of life," though Bourdillon is thinking about the love of man and woman, while this is the one kind of love that Wilder does not allow to fulfill itself. ACTIVITY DRIVES We have found that in studying chemical motivation...
Página 22 - The peons subsist entirely on the clammy cold tortillas and the native boiled frijole beans, enough of which can be bought for a few pennies to feed a family all day. No housekeeper furnishes her servants any other food than this. Perhaps this is the reason that Pedro, who carried tortillas, answered...
Página 20 - Carlos seldom came in until ten, when she would prepare a fresh meal for him. But a happier soul than Luz it would be hard to find. The boy who answered the bell was her son, a dwarfed creature of sixteen, with a solemn face many years too old for the little body.
Página 20 - If one could have a dollaT for every step Pedro took during the day, pacing back and forth with tortillas, that person would be rich indeed, yet he received only two dollars and fifty cents a month, Mexican money, for all that work. When one sees these conditions—sees faithful sewing girls work twelve hours a day for twenty-five cents, Mexican money...
Página 144 - Cathedral is magnificent, but the recent substitution of wooden floors for tiling detracts greatly from its beauty. There is no telling the money that has been spent on that building, and in it. The jeweled crown on the Virgin Mary cost thousands of dollars—paid for chiefly by the hordes of poor who worship there.
Página 22 - Families leading a more modest existence endure the hardships of having but five or six servants. A lady never summons her help except by slapping the hands quickly together; this method is also used in the streets for calling an inferior. Servants call their mistress Nina, which means baby or child. It is pathetic to hear them, when rebuked, remonstrate gently, "pues nina
Página 90 - It is Italy and France and the best part of Spain tied up together in one bunch of rapturous fragrance.
Página 30 - No es costuinbrc," a lady will tell you disdainfully, if you diverge a fraction from their most trivial social law—more binding than those of the Medes and Persians. "No es costumbre...
Página 19 - The cook of this household, a fat, good-natured woman, who came at seven in the morning and left at eleven at night, was paid ten Mexican dollars monthly, which is a little more than four of our money.

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