All Things in the Bible: An Encyclopedia of the Biblical World

Greenwood Press, 2006 - 747 páginas
The Bible is the central text of Western civilization, and an understanding of it is vital to the study of world history and culture. In addition, more and more high school students and undergraduates are studying the Bible as literature. Monumental in scope and written especially for high school students and general readers, this encyclopedia surveys the material culture, customs, and beliefs of the biblical world through more than 200 alphabetically arranged entries on the tools, animals, foods, habits, laws, professions, and peoples of the Bible. Included are such entries as: BL Afterlife BL Agriculture BL Angels BL Chariots BL Dogs BL Embalming BL Houses BL Locusts BL Moloch BL Proverbs BL Sacrifice BL Vineyards BL War BL Witchcraft BL And many more. Each entry provides definitions; scriptural references; etymological, historical, and archaeological information; and, when possible, a discussion of the relevance of the topic to modern readers. The encyclopedia covers the peoples who were a part of biblical life: the Essenes and Pharisees, the scribes and priests, the neighbors and enemies, and the great powers that enslaved them. In addition, it explains many of the major events in Israel's history, the accepted concept of cosmology and weather, and the common understanding of many details from the Creation to Armageddon. Features and Benefits: BL Includes more than 200 alphabetically arranged entries. BL Provides numerous illustrations. BL Entries cite works for further reading. BL Offers a selected, general bibliography. BL Contains a variety of finding aids, including lists of entries, cross-references, and a detailed index. BL Illuminates daily life in biblical times. BL Supports the literature curriculum by helping students understand the central text of the Western tradition. BL Supports the history curriculum by using the bible to explore the customs and cultures of the biblical world. BL Fosters an appreciation for the Judeo-Christian heritage. BL Assists general readers in learning about the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Western civilization.

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Nancy M. Tischler is Professor Emerita of English and the Humanities at the Pennsylvania State University. Her previous books include Men and Women of the Bible (2003), and Student Companion to Tennessee Williams (2000), both available from Greenwood Press.

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