A Tour Through Sicily and Malta: In a Series of Letters to William Beckford, Esq. of Somerly in Suffolk, Volumen 1

W. Strahan, 1773 - 374 páginas

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Página 131 - Near to a vault, which is now thirty feet below ground, and has, probably, been a burial place, there is a draw-well, where there are several strata of lavas, with earth to a considerable thickness over the surface of each stratum. Recupero has made use of this as an argument to prove the great antiquity of the mountain.
Página 51 - Dire Scylla there a scene of horror forms, And here Charybdis fills the deep with storms. When the tide rushes from her rumbling caves, The rough rock roars, tumultuous boil the waves...
Página 70 - I have juft been interrupted by an upper fervant of the prince's, who, both by his looks and language, feems to be of the fame worthy fraternity. He tells us, that he has ordered our muleteers, at their peril, to be ready by day-break; but that we need not go till we think proper ; for it is their bufinefs to attend on noftri eccellenzi. — He fays he has likewife ordered two of the moft defperate fellows in the whole ifland to accompany us ; adding, in a fort of whifper, that we need be under no...
Página 193 - It is not smooth and even like the greatest part of the latter ; but is finely variegated by an infinite number of those beautiful little mountains that have been formed by the different eruptions of JEtna.
Página 196 - ... air, instead of rising in it, as smoke generally does, immediately on its getting out of the crater, rolls down the side of the mountain like a torrent till coming to that part of the atmosphere of the same specific gravity with itself, it shoots off* horizontally, and forms a large track in the air, according to the direction of the wind, which, happily for us, carried it exactly to the side opposite to that where we were placed.
Página 82 - That realm of old, a ruin huge, was rent In length of ages from the continent. "With force convulsive burst the isle away ; Through the dread opening broke the thund'ring sea : At once the thund'ring sea Sicilia tore.
Página 335 - About three quarters of an hour after midnight, there appeared to the south-west of the city a great black cloud, which, as it approach,ed, changed its colour, till at last it became like a flame of fire, mixed with black smoke.
Página 218 - ... when mankind will wonder how much they have been in the dark. It will then poffibly be found, that what we call fenfibility of nerves, and many of thofe difeafes that the faculty have as yet only invented names for, are owing to the body's being...
Página 6 - It has now ^blown for thefe feven flays without intermrffion ; and has indeed blown away all our gaiety and fpirits; and if it continues much longer, I do not know what may be the confequence. It gives a degree of laffitude, both to the body and mind, that renders them abfolutely incapable of performing their ufual functions. It is not very furprizing, that it fhould produce thefe effects on a phlegmatic.
Página 151 - But fe* up before him the figure of a fine woman, with a beautiful child in her arms, the...

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