A Life of Friedrich August Von Hayek

Authors OnLine, 2006 - 391 páginas
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Having become quite immersed in biographical works these last few years (that's about all I read), I am increasingly convinced that the truth of someone's life always reveals a measure of humanity that makes understanding possible between different sorts of people. Short of a multi-dimensional portrait, all we have are the rival characterizations of supporters and critics. The person gets lost in the controversy. Your memoir gives insights into Hayek the person that just aren't available anywhere else. The memoir certainly made me see the humanity in his character. I think that will lead to a fuller appreciation of him, a greater understanding of his work, and a richer perspective on all the aspects of his influence on our society. Albert Einstein once commented on the folly of secrecy in physics: "Let me understand, you propose to keep nature a secret?" Perhaps the same question could be asked of those who would limit the sources of biographical study.

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