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Arab Lobby and United States Foreign Policy: The Two-state Solution

Khalil M. Marrar - 2007 - 342 páginas
After years of vacillating on Palestinian national aspirations, the majority of Americans have come to favor "the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the West ...
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Tora! Tora! Tora!: The Attack on Pearl Harbor from a Prospect Theoretic ...

Nils E. Buhl - 2007 - 102 páginas
Current research indicates that culture is an integral part of decision-making by elites; thus, logically, different cultures will arrive at different outcomes, ceteris paribus ...
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American Public Support for U.S. Military Operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad

Eric V. Larson, Bogdan Savych - 2005 - 278 páginas
The support of the American public is widely held to be a critical prerequisite for undertaking military action abroad. This monograph describes American public opinion toward ...
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Paying Attention to Foreign Affairs: How Public Opinion Affects Presidential ...

Thomas Knecht - 2011 - 280 páginas
Do American presidents consider public opinion when making foreign policy decisions? In a democracy, it is generally assumed that citizen preferences inform public policy. For ...
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Understanding Foreign Policy Decision Making

Alex Mintz, Karl DeRouen Jr - 2010 - 208 páginas
Understanding Foreign Policy Decision Making presents a psychological approach to foreign policy decision making. This approach focuses on the decision process, dynamics, and ...
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A Divider, Not a Uniter: George W. Bush and the American People : the 2006 ...

Gary C. Jacobson - 2008 - 342 páginas
Written by one of the most respected scholars and writers in political science, Gary Jacobson, this book uses data to show that the partisan polarization in America today is ...
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