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American Foreign Policy and The Politics of Fear: Threat Inflation Since 9/11

A. Trevor Thrall, Jane K. Cramer - 2009 - 256 páginas
This edited volume examines threat inflation, and its role in framing US foreign and security policy since 9/11.
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Projections of Power: Framing News, Public Opinion, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Robert M. Entman - 2004 - 229 páginas
To succeed in foreign policy, U.S. presidents have to sell their versions or framings of political events to the news media and to the public. But since the end of the Cold War ...
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Invitation to terror: the expanding empire of the unknown

Frank Füredi - 2007 - 204 páginas
Argues that terrorism has become a self-fulfilling prophecy and that the war on terror has led people to live in a state of constant fear.
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Civil-military Relations in Perspective: Strategy, Structure and Policy

Stephen J. Cimbala - 2012 - 223 páginas
Authors contributing to this study examine a wide range of issues, including: the contrast between theory and practice in civil-military relations; the role perceptions of ...
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New Directions in the American Presidency

Lori Cox Han - 2010 - 240 páginas
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In Search of Progressive America

Michael Kazin - 2008 - 161 páginas
A collection of ten essays by journalists, academics, and government insiders addresses the current state of promise and debate within the Left in U.S. politics and covers ...
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