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Libros Libros 31 - 40 de aproximadamente 47 relacionados con Winning the War of Words: Selling the War on Terror from Afghanistan to Iraq.   . 

Business as Usual: An Assessment of Donald Rumsfeld’s Transformation Vision ...

Mark Czelusta - 2010 - 57 páginas
Donald Rumsfeld¿s vision of a transformed U.S. military has been discussed by many and understood by few, and this lack of understanding has resulted in both significant ...
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The Barack Obama Presidency: A Two Year Assessment

John Davis - 2011 - 256 páginas
Eschewing conventional partisanship, this book offers the definitive assessment of the opening two years of the presidency of Barack Obama and explores the critical policies ...
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A Grand Strategy for America

Robert J. Art - 2004 - 324 páginas
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Terrorizing Ourselves: Why U.S. Counterterrorism Policy is Failing and How ...

Benjamin H. Friedman, Jim Harper, Christopher A. Preble - 2010 - 324 páginas
Terrorizing Ourselves dismantles much of the flawed thinking that dominates U.S. counterterrorism policy today and lays out alternative approaches informed by experience ...
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The War of Words

James Inglis - 2011
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The Bush Diaries: A Citizen's Review of the First Term

Jack Nargundkar - 2005 - 270 páginas
[A]fter seeing their Iraq strategy unravel, North Korea get ignored, and the state of Palestine remain a wishful dream-I would dare say that the Bush Administration's foreign ...
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Ultimate Security: Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

Janne E. Nolan, Bernard I. Finel, Brian D. Finlay - 2004 - 312 páginas
This book gathers together eight prominent scholars, academics, and policy practitioners to address the major issues underlying the changes in the global security environment ...
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