Graphics Gems

Andrew S. Glassner
Academic Press, 1998 - 833 páginas
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Computer graphics is in many ways a science, but writing the programs that actually generate attractive images is still an art. The best programmers have a large toolbox of general techniques, nuggets of algorithms, and clever insights that they use on a daily basis to make their code faster, more reliable, more accurate, easier to debug, and a pleasure to use. Such toolboxes are compiled through years of experience and trading with other professionals.

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Sobre el autor (1998)

Andrew Glassner's contributions to computer graphics span 20 years. His work at Microsoft Research, Xerox PARC, the IBM Watson Research Labs, Bell Communications Research, and the Delft University of Technology has produced numerous technical articles on rendering theory and practice, animation, modeling, and new media. He currently creates new computer graphics tools at Microsoft Research. Among his recent work is Chicken Crossing, a 3D animated short film that has been shown internationally at film festivals and on television, and Dead Air, an interactive game for play over the Internet. Dr. Glassner is the author of the two volume bible, Principles of Digital Image Synthesis and 3D Computer Graphics: A Handbook for Artists and Designers. He has also edited An Introduction to Ray Tracing, and created the Graphics Gems series for programmers.

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