Astronomy on the Personal Computer, Volum 1

Springer, 2000 - 310 pàgines
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Astronomy on the Personal Computer provides the reader with a thorough introduction to the computations of celestial mechanics, which are of particular significance for carrying out astronomical observations. Covering as it does everything from astronomical and computational theory to the construction of rapid and accurate application programs, this book supplies the necessary knowledge and software solutions for determining and predicting • positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets • rise and set times • physical ephemerides of the Sun and major planets • cometary and minor-planetary positions (including perturbations) • phases of the Moon • central line and local circumstances of solar eclipses • stellar occultations by the Moon • orbital elements from three observations (including multiple solutions) • coordinates from celestial photographs. This completely revised new edition makes use of the widely implemented, object-oriented programming language C++. This means that individual applications may be efficiently realised through the use of a powerful module library. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the fully documented and commented source codes, as well as the executable programs for Windows 95/98/NT and Linux operating systems. Even readers with no programming experience may therefore make full use of the programs described in the book. Also included on the CD-ROM are two star catalogues (the Position and Proper Motion Catalogue, and the Zodiacal Catalogue), together with the Lowell database of current, minor-planetary orbital elements, which greatly enhance the value of the corresponding programs.

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Astronomy on the Personal Computer
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Quant a l’autor (2000)

Thomas Pfleger is a software developer who has been interested in astronomy since his school days. His passion is the visual observation of everything within reach of his telescope. For many years he has been interested in the benefits that computers can bring to amateur astronomers.

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