Soft Machine: Out-bloody-rageous

SAF, 2005 - 415 páginas
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From their cult status as the serious hippy’s favorite psychedelic band to their final days as the champions of fusion, Soft Machine never played the game by the rules.

The book traces the lives of Soft Machine’s members, pieces together the band’s serendipitous formation and colorful career, and unravels the truth, mystique, and legends. It recounts the incidents and internal tensions that led to an astonishing 24 different lineups, and places Soft Machine’s development in the musical and social context of the time.

Lavishly illustrated with over 80 color photographs, posters, and clippings, Soft Machine includes a full Soft Machine family tree, concert file, discography, and sessionography. It is essential reading for any serious fan of rock or jazz.

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Review: Soft Machine: Out-Bloody-Rageous

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Again, I've overrated a book because it's the only one around. The facts are nicely arranged, the prose style stumbling, and if you're not already interested don't bothr. Leer reseña completa

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Sobre el autor (2005)

Graham Bennett, freelance environmental consultant and author or editor of 13 books, witnessed many of Soft Machine?s concerts in their peak years. He grew up in London and now lives in the Netherlands.

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