A Complete Guide to Heraldry

Kessinger Publishing, dic. 1, 2004 - 708 páginas
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1909. Illustrated with nine plates and nearly 800 other designs. Contents: The Origin of Armory; The Status and the Meaning of a Coat of Arms in Great Britain; The Heralds and Officers of Arms; Heraldic Brasses; The Component Parts of an Achievement; The Shield; The Field of a Shield; The Field of a Shield and the Heraldic Tinctures; The Rules of Blazon; The So-Called Ordinaries and Sub-Ordinaries; The Human Figure in Heraldry; The Heraldic Lion; Beasts; Monsters; Birds; Fish; Reptiles; Insects; Trees, Leaves, Fruits, and Flowers; Inanimate Objects; The Heraldic Helmet; The Crest; Crowns and Coronets; Crest Coronets and Chapeaux; The Mantling or Lambrequin; The Torse or Wreath; Supporters; The Compartment; Mottoes; Badges; Heraldic Flags, Banners, and Standards; Marks of Cadency; Marks of Bastardy; The Marshalling of Arms; The Armorial Insignia of Knighthood; the Armorial Bearings of a Lady; Official Heraldic Insignia; Augmentations of Honour; Ecclesiastical Heraldry; Arms of Dominion and Sovereignty; Hatchments; The Union Jack; and Seize-Quartiers.

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Review: A Complete Guide to Heraldry

Reseña de usuario  - Roy - Goodreads

If someone is interested in heraldry, this is a good book for teaching the basics of blazon - the rules that are followed in designing and "reading" a coat of arms. But that is all it is. It's a ... Leer reseña completa

Review: A Complete Guide to Heraldry

Reseña de usuario  - Daniel - Goodreads

Pretty much the definitive work on the subject. 'Nuff said! Leer reseña completa

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